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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tarsusu a.k.a Milk Tart

this is the 4th recipes , this time , the recipes is kinda complicated kay, watch well

the ingredients areeeee

1. 17 eggs
2. 2.tea spoons of milk powder
3. 1 can of condensed milk ( susu kental)
4. 250gr of butter
5. 200gr of sugar
6. 1 pack of jelly , remember the jelly should be white color
7. 350gr wheat flour

1st step
melt the sugar with around 1 liter of water

2nd step

after the sugar melts , add 15 egg yolks and 9 eggwhite , then 1 pack of jelly, 1 can of milk , stir it until it's well mixed

3rd step
this is for the skin of tarsusu
250gr butter , 2 egg yolks , milk powder , and 300gr of flour.
stir it and later , divide it into 3 part

4th step
stick it on the plate
bake it , after 10 minutes , pour the filling mixture ( you should filtrate the filling so it will be soft and smooth when it's eaten) , then bake it until it's done , usually it's baked after 45 minutes

and it's done

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jovanc said...

Hi Mar :D
I like tarsusu :p mind giving me some ? :p

Lena Margaretna said...

thanks for the comment jov , kapan2 deh..
wks , lagunya cocok buat kau le XD

stefanny lorensia said...

your turn to bring this to school :p

Lena Margaretna said...

next time beybeeeeh XD

Fransiska Christine Natalia said...

mau dongg margaaaa

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