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Dear Master

Today is the last meeting for my computer class because now I'm in my 3rd year of Junior High , next semester there won't be any computer class . This is a sad story , you'll understand it if you're a 3rd year students too, next semester I'll do a full transformation to be a robot and I need to study everyday or else I may fail my exam .

In this occasion , I want to do a favor for all my teachers who have taught me for few years , especially my computer teacher, this is a computer task, I need to put my computer teacher as the main character (?) I'm not sure with my vocabulary, my English skill is kinda bad *sigh* .

Alright I'll start...

So , firstly you should know my teacher's name before you know him , his name is Sir Daudi Lazarus, but I usually call him Master D or Dee (up till now i don't know the correct spelling of his name). He has taught me for 3 years , actually it's 2 and a half years , it's long , isn't it ?

He's a good teacher and he's an expert in computer , this is why he becomes a computer teacher. He taught me for quite a long time and he only got made twice , that's what i remember, this means he is very patient .

Because of him , I know how to use photoshop , how to make a website and many more ,
what i want to say is
" thank you master for everything you have taught me , it's really helpful and important . I'll remember you if one day I become a famous blogger , thanks to teach me not to copycat others and do it as what i can , thank you , "

Actually this is a kind of present may be , because may be I'm the one who create a special page for you , this page is truly dedicated to you , may be another students have made this page but i also don't really know .

Bye master ...


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