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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wedang Jahe

firstly i wanna apologize for using censorship in my picture , this is because i haven't take a photo of the ginger first , feel so sorry man, woman , sis, bro , everyone

so the first thing we should do is , melt the sugar with water (it depends on how much you wanna make )

then , this is it , ginger with censorship --'

you can add the ginger into it together with the sugar actually , no need to wait until the sugar melt.
hey hey , wanna know something , you also can use brown sugar , it will smell better hm.

wait until around 20 minutes , and it's done . If you want , try to put tuber into it , my mom usually does that , but i dont have tuber right now so i don't put it .

it's done , you better drink it when it's warm

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mangomilk Juice

This is the second drink , mangomilk juice ...

Firstly , we need to pill the mango skin and then cut the mango

then add ice and pour some milk

 blend it for around 3 minutes

you can have your juice then . Actually it's better to pour some oranges and blend it together as mangorange jiuce , it taste so much better

#ignore this ,

Tarsusu a.k.a Milk Tart

this is the 4th recipes , this time , the recipes is kinda complicated kay, watch well

the ingredients areeeee

1. 17 eggs
2. 2.tea spoons of milk powder
3. 1 can of condensed milk ( susu kental)
4. 250gr of butter
5. 200gr of sugar
6. 1 pack of jelly , remember the jelly should be white color
7. 350gr wheat flour

1st step
melt the sugar with around 1 liter of water

2nd step

after the sugar melts , add 15 egg yolks and 9 eggwhite , then 1 pack of jelly, 1 can of milk , stir it until it's well mixed

3rd step
this is for the skin of tarsusu
250gr butter , 2 egg yolks , milk powder , and 300gr of flour.
stir it and later , divide it into 3 part

4th step
stick it on the plate
bake it , after 10 minutes , pour the filling mixture ( you should filtrate the filling so it will be soft and smooth when it's eaten) , then bake it until it's done , usually it's baked after 45 minutes

and it's done

#ignore this

Fresh Grass Jelly

This is my third post and the first drink for my blog. This is a very simple way to make a good drink.

Firstly , we really need grass jelly because it's the main ingredient .

Cut into small pieces , before you cut it , you should wash it first hm,
then add milk into it , how much milk should you pour , it's depend on how much you love the sweet taste . If you don't like milk , adding sugar will work
and last , pour them into glass and add some ice cube , it will taste better
You can put garnish into it , like by adding fruits and so on , ..

so , it's done :)

Kuah Merah a.k.a Ang Khak

Kali ini saya akan pakai full bahasa Indonesia biar lebih enak bacanya .
berikut cara memasak kuah merah .

1. jahe secukupnya (semakin banyak jahe semakin pedas)
2. daging
3. 1 sendok makan angkhak
4. 1  sendok makan garam
5. 1 liter air

Cara memasak
1. rebus air hingga mendidih
2. masukkan jahe
3. masukkan daging
4. masukkan angkhak
5. rebus hingga daging empuk
6. Saat sudah mau matang , tambahkan garam .
7. Jika suka , silahkan menambahkan arak 2 sendok makan

Caramel Cake Recipe

 Jadi hari ini adalah tanggal satu Desember , dan itu berarti ini adalah H-2 dan saya baru mulai mempos semuanya dikarenakan saya baru mulai membuat kue dan mengambil foto , sebenarnya ini udah terlalu telat sih , teman-teman yang lain ada yang udah pada selesai ngerjain tugasnya dan saya baru mulai.
so today is 1 December , and it means this is H-2 and I've just started to post everything because I've just started to make the cake and take picture , this is too late actually , some of my friend have done their tasks and I've just started.

Mempersingkat waktu , saya akan mulai sekarang
Let's make it short , I'll start now,

pertama-tama saya akan memberitahukan bahan-bahan yang diperlukan
so , firstly I'll tell you the ingredients 
1. tepung terigu; 2. 1/4 kaleng susu; 3. 150g mentega; 4. 6 telur; 5. 1 sendok baking powder ; 6. 200g gula
1.  wheat flour ; 2. 1/4 can of milk ; 3. 150g of butter ; 4. 6 eggs; 5. 1 spoon of baking powder; 6. 200g of sugar


lelehkan gula sampai menjadi karamel, tunggu sampai dingin (jika kita menaruh karamel ketika masih panas, telur akan menjadi matang)

1st  STEP
melt the sugar until it becomes caramel , wait until it's cold  (if we put it when it's still hot , the egg will be cooked)

campurkan telur, tepung, mentega, dan susu dengan  menggunakan mixer

2nd STEP
mix the egg , flour , butter , and milk with using a mixer

tuangkan karamel yang sudah dingin ke dalam adonan dan aduk sampai rata

3rd STEP
pour the caramel that has been cooled down and stir it until it's well mixed

tuangkan adonan ke dalam loyang

4th STEP
pour the mixture into the pan

panggang selama 45 menit dan selesai

bake it for 45 minutes  and it's done

tadaaa ..
end of story , see you in the next story (?)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This is abstract , Abstract is art , so this is art

my teacher told me that it's better to make own animation an others so i think i need to post some pictures that i have created , so this is it

i have more of this kind of stuff , hmm ..