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Thursday, November 29, 2012

This is abstract , Abstract is art , so this is art

my teacher told me that it's better to make own animation an others so i think i need to post some pictures that i have created , so this is it

i have more of this kind of stuff , hmm ..

Saturday, November 24, 2012


actually i post this because i have nothing to post . from my wordpress name , you should have known that i’m really hopeless. i don’t think that i’ll get a perfect score for this task but i’ll try my best to make this blog looks good , at least it doesn’t look pitiful , hm .

so , i don’t know how must i start this , i hope you’ll enjoy your visit . please follow and comment anything . i’ll pray for you

” dear God, please bless everyone who visit my wordpress , hope that they’ll pass their exam and they can do their task well .
Please bless them so that they won’t be forever alone ,like somebody , (?) amen “

This is all i have to say may be . good bye .-.

what blog is this ?

actually this blog is just a usual blog but what makes it different is , i make this blog to complete my task which was given by my teacher . I’m an amateur in blogging and anything that have connection with computer or technology or blablabla . to be honest , I’m stupid .-.
This is bad because i can’t do much things for this blog , i hope i can pass the task with all i have and all i can . please pray for me .-.
comment and follow please hm ?