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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wedang Jahe

firstly i wanna apologize for using censorship in my picture , this is because i haven't take a photo of the ginger first , feel so sorry man, woman , sis, bro , everyone

so the first thing we should do is , melt the sugar with water (it depends on how much you wanna make )

then , this is it , ginger with censorship --'

you can add the ginger into it together with the sugar actually , no need to wait until the sugar melt.
hey hey , wanna know something , you also can use brown sugar , it will smell better hm.

wait until around 20 minutes , and it's done . If you want , try to put tuber into it , my mom usually does that , but i dont have tuber right now so i don't put it .

it's done , you better drink it when it's warm


Christa Adelia said...

keren mar namanya wkwkw btw headermu coklatnya mirip coklat yg lg ak makan skrg :P

Lena Margaretna said...

bagi la coklatnya , wkwkkw .. enak tuh

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