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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mangomilk Juice

This is the second drink , mangomilk juice ...

Firstly , we need to pill the mango skin and then cut the mango

then add ice and pour some milk

 blend it for around 3 minutes

you can have your juice then . Actually it's better to pour some oranges and blend it together as mangorange jiuce , it taste so much better

#ignore this ,


Christa Adelia said...

ii kykny enakkk, bagi yaaa mar :p

Evie Tamara Leslie said...

manggany ambil dari rmahku ya,,(lirik) wkwkwk
nice blog margy..:)

Lena Margaretna said...

aku jak tak tau kau ada nanam mangga XD ,, thanks yaa

Aris said...

Mantep gan lanjutkan! btw peel bkn pill gan pill tu bwt org sakit

Fransiska Christine Natalia said...

sesuatu eh fotonya margaa #eh nice blog margaa

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